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. >> the 14-year-old is being held at the western maryland children's center now in hagerstown. >>> maryland natural resources police have determined the cause of a death of a man who died in a jet ski accident in the bay. jessica is in the newsroom with details on this. >>> warren smith died from electrocution, it happened sunday evening, around 1 1/2 miles south of the bay bridge. powerful storms moved through the region. investigators say smith and a friend were racing back to avoid the storms when lightning was nearby. it wasn't enough to avoid a direct strike. but enough to kill him. >> summer thunderstorms are coming and can pop up with little or no warning. >>> an unusual criminal case in anne arundel county tonight. police have a suspect in custody. but they are looking for a would-be victim. >>> police say a suspect stole items from a store in the annapolis mall. he appears to try to carjack a woman driving that beige car. he was eventually apprehended by security. but police are looking for the victim in the car. >>> maryland voters consistently rate the environment and the health
over maryland when a 3.6 earthquake rumbled over the state. >> i thought it was a truck that went by. >> i thought it was a freight train. >> that's surprising it was actually an earthquake. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: it's certainly unusual. seismographs caught itself size and duration. >> and the wiggles went on for some, one, two, about three minutes before it quieted down completely. >> very small earthquake. but as far as maryland goes it's something we've experienced in the recent past. most of the earthquakes are running the sort of magnitude 1 to 2 range. >> reporter: they placed the jail three miles deep. it showed up on the maryland science center field earthquake count. and in reports from pet owners. some of them got an early warning. >> a dog woke me up, whining and crying and pacing around the bedroom. then the earthquake happened. it shook the bed. and i couldn't figure out what that was. i never experienced an earthquake before. >> the cause may affect the last ice age which the quake vanished. >> it was some 20,000 years ago. >> the crust is still kind of readjus
central maryland, central maryland, west central maryland. and will probably start here in the city around 7:00, 8:00. and there can be heavy downpours as well. bernadette takes a look at this with me. >> as you heard, that means there is a flash flood watch in effect. it continues until late tonight. from all of the d.c. area, straight up through the baltimore metro area. and we expect some heavier rounds of rain out of what is coming our way. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> first warning weather coverage continues now with alex demetrick, with more on the cleanup that is still going on from last night's storms. >> reporter: vic, trees and utility lines were no march for what much of this storm that blasted through much of maryland yesterday evening. >> reporter: chainsaws roared to life from anne arundel county, north of baltimore county, finishing up what nature started, when powerful storms tore through much of the state. for those hit hardest, it was -- >> hell and water pouring down. it was hell. >> reporter: but it wasn't the rain tearing trees apart. it was lightning and win
the situation in uganda. a bomb injured a teen from maryland. she was on a mission trip with her church. . >> reporter: vick, emily kerstetter's is stable, she called home, shared laughs with family and friends. but the family spokesman says even though she is good spirits she has a very long road to recovery. emily kerstetter's' recovery is far from over with more surgeries scheduled and new health dangers for the 16-year- old who was injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda. a spokesman woman shared the latest on her condition. >> she had a blood clot in her vein, in her leg. they scheduled her for another test to see what her oh vains were doing. >> she spoke to em expem said she the in good spirits. >> she doesn't remember anything from the explosion which i think is good. >> the leader remembers the aftermath, writing i touched my own face and head because i could taste blood and felt warm liquid which i assumed was blood. i had no idea what happened. as people were screaming and moaning i know the thought flashed through my head, bombs. it was a flash of a finger and a blink of a
to politicians in the state of maryland to come here? >> this is a huge deal. it, frankly, should be a holiday. because everybody is down here. >> crabs or clams? what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for crabs. >> reporter: governor o'malley, in a tight race for re- election, finds himself in a mob of supportirs. >> cominger-- supporters. >> coming here is one of the rites of summer. it's great to be able to be here with the lieutenant governor and so many friends. and we're excited about this campaign. >> reporter: one of the most interesting things about this event is how the crowds break into groups of caucuses. you have the o'malley group there. and back here, the front runner in the republican governor's race, bob ehrlich. >> most people have no question that you're going to win the eastern shore. but the question on whether or not you can actually get these people motivated to turn out to vote. what do you have to do? >> our folks are really motivated. they've dealt with four years of martin o'malley. martin o'malley is not what they want, on the shores, particularly. >> reporter: go
him of violating maryland's wire tap law. >> the trooper asked him if he was recording. and he said no. >> you shouldn't be pross cuted for videotaping. >>> when a policeman arrests someone, that's a public act. >>> i've got letters from delegates. saying, take a look at this. >>> to get a better reading, ask the attorney general's office for advice. it may not locally require any electronics. >>> it also advises that the conversation is not likely to be considered a private. >> there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in those circumstances. >>> if you're going to have a law on the books, i'm going to go forward. >>> violating maryland's wire tap laws comes with fines. >>> a rough commute home for drivers. sky eye chopper 13 was over perry hall. a truck struck the front of the car and tipped over. one person had to be rescued. no word on the extent of that more person's injuries. but the road was shut down as police investigated. >>> an accident caused that road to be shut down for a period of time. at least eight people were involved in that wreck. one person had minor injuries.
and alex has more. >> when the judges on maryland's highest court entered, more than an observer and his plans to build the largest slot casino was being challenged to put it to a vote interest aa county citizens. >> casino does not belong next to a neighborhood. >> we feel the right and the court of appeal will do the right thing. >> and if it is defeated at the polls, there is the promise of serial referendum. >> countered by arguments of the supporters. >> there has to be access to government. >> i can't read the judge's mind. i'm hopeful because i know what's right, and what's right is that a casino doesn't belong in a parking lot of the mall. >> that leaves the slots at 11 mills up to county voters to decide, and could still win, and if not the jockey club is hoping to get slots at laurel park, but they are offering what he says is a sure thing. >> the state of maryland is losing revenue every day, and when it's going out of state it's a lot of money. we could more or less take care of a great deal of the deficit with this one casino. but we're trying our best. >> with today's rulin
in maryland. the discovery was made in the linthicum area of anne arundel county. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: their small size makes them hard to notice. but their bite is impossible to ignore. mosquitoes. and for the first time this summer, researchers found a large pool of them are infected in anne arundel county. >> we've collected several mosquitoes that have shown to be positive for west nile virus. >> reporter: the dnr chief of mosquito control says that means there is a good chance it will soon spread to animals and people statewide, a fifth of whom will develop west nile fever n. 2001, 170 cases in humans have been confirmed, 20 of them fatalities. >> it's a disease that can kill you. and i worry about that for my family. >> reporter: part of protecting is identifying how widespread the virus is. >> reporter: here's how it works. shops like this are set up all across the state. carbon dioxide in this cooler, along with this light attracts the mosquitoes, which all ends up like this. >> reporter: technicians then test for affected locations four times a week. >> i'm just
to get out and clarify who he s. >> reporter: so far, they are focused on the economy. 52% of marylanders surveyed called it a big issue. >> the fact is, what the governor can do is practically nothing. >> reporter: o'malley leads in the suburbs. ehrlich leads everywhere else. but only by 50% in the suburbs. and it's even closer on shore. we asked each candidate about that at a campaign stop in chrisfield last week. >> governor ehrlich's support is not as strong as previous republicans. is that something you can capitalize on? >> we're campaigning all over the state. every single person is important. >> martin o'malley is not what they want on the shore particularly. we feel really good about the shore, about turnout. people are excited. >> reporter: and police cal ex- - political experts say both of the candidates should be reaching out to those undecided voters and trying to fire up their party bases. the one who tries to do it best will be the likely winner. >> less than 100 days. we'll be on it. stay with wjz for 2010 campaign coverage. for the latest on information, log onto
will continue to climb. >>> another round of scorching high temperatures has maryland baking. >> very hot. very -- it can make you tired. you don't want to go outside. >> i just feel like, i could just collapse, it's so hot out here. >> reporter: uncomfortable and deadly for three more marylanders who recently died from heat-related illnesses. a total of 16 so far this year. most of the victims had underlying medical conditions. but health authorities say no one is immune. >> pay attention to it. the types of conditions to look out for are extreme sweating, nausea. headache. cramping. these are the things that if you're feeling those, respond to them right away. >> not only is it potentially dangerous. the heat is also expensive to deal with. bge says even if you never touch your thermostat in the next few days, your next bill will likely be higher. >> if it's 95 degrees outside, your air conditioning unit is going to work harder to maintain that 78 or 80-degree temperature than it would if it were only 85 degrees outside. >>> with so much usage, power outages are widespread. air conditioning i
is a racketeering enterprise, operating here in maryland throughout the state. >>> new charges, filed against more than a dozen members of the bgf gang. >>> i'm jessica kartalija in baltimore city. that story next on wjz. >>> optimism for the bay's oysters. new findings about the bay's health. >>> and record-setting heat. 105 degrees today. wham about tomorrow? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,, if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines nonstop out of bwi airport. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines nonstop to milwaukee for just $69 one-way. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] >>> just hours ago. federal racketeering charges. a gang known for committing crimes throughout maryland. jessica kartalija reports, a corrections officer is also charged with helping the gang sneak contraba
. south of baltimore. a lot of rain now in calvert county, p.g. county, and southern maryland. and one sill i just -- cell i just found here. howard county line, may get to you folks in carroll county, which didn't seem much this afternoon. there is hope for you phobes who didn't see -- folks who didn't see a drop of rain. bernadette has a look at other numbers. >>> it came and came so quickly. bigger amounts around the region. 1.77 inches of rain. north of baltimore city. tv hill, just under 1 and three- quarters inch of rain. roland park at just under a half. the thing is, as far as 1-inch- plus amounts. anywhere from northern parts of baltimore county to northern parts of aa county. and clipping eastern parts of howard county. that seems to be the bull's eye. there is that chance for more rounds of rain tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. we'll have that forecast coming up shortly. right now, back inside. >>> wjz has checked with bge. about 17,000 people are without power right now. just about 7,000 people in the dark in baltimore city. 6600 are out in baltimore county. due to power o
outside of his psz was injured. we know the state police are handling this. maryland police are the investigating agency. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much. >>> prayers for the safe return of a maryland teenager. 15-year-old emily kerstetter was on a mission to help those in need. mike hellgren is live at the teen's school, where he spoke with her friends and family. >> and that was successful surgery, denise. emily ker stetter could have stayed -- come home days before the attack. but she wanted to stay and help people. some just inches away from her were killed. and her classmates here offered a heartfelt message this afternoon. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a show of faith and support as friends and classmates of 16-year-old emily kerstetter prayed for her recovery. >> reporter: she was injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda, where she was doing missionary work. >> she has extensive wounds throughout both lower extremities. and her upper extremity. but she is a tough woman. and she's a fighter. >> reporter: in a blog, the friends who also survived
, derrick maxey does have a criminal record in baltimore county. >>> the maryland teenager injured in a terrorist attack in africa is recovering after a surgery tonight. mary bubala has the latest on the teenager. >> reporter: she had just had her fifth surgery. she was on a mission with her church to help people in that nation. once her condition is stable enough she will be moved back to maryland. it's unclear when that could be and emily could undergo further surgeries in africa. >> her parents are with emily and family says that she is in very good spirits. >>> polls showing the race for maryland governor a toss up. the vice president is holding a fundraiser for governor o' malley right now. people paid hundreds just to get in the door. mike hellgren has the latest and what this means for the campaign. >> reporter: president obama still very popular here in baltimore. the vice president showed up within the past half hour and he should raise a pretty penny for democrats. $250 is what it costs to get in the door. $1,000 for vip access. the vice president's motorcade rolled into
has been a very popular place. it's just closing for the day. there's been six deaths in maryland so far this year. much of maryland is under a code red alert. it's not stopping some from enjoying their day off outside. >> i'm the guy that says ice cold, ice cold, and i keep nice ice cold drinks for them. >> reporter: the numbers are matching deaths all of last year and the summer has just begun. >> this weather is not to be messed around with, everyone , even if you're young and healthy. >> reporter: is it hot out? >> yes. >> reporter: the wind feels like a heat wave in your face. >> general over all fatigue, some people get nauseated, some people get dizzy. >> reporter: it's important to drink about a quart of water every half hour if you are out exercising. >> i think the heat is great, i love it. >> reporter: perhaps the best work out today is in the pool. >> sticky, muggy, you don't want to come outside in weather like this. but if you can and cool off some where, why not do it at a pool. >> reporter: and a lot of people did that today, one of the biggest dangers is heat stroke
weeks. it illustrates the dangers for the most vulnerable across maryland. >> i wanted to make sure you were okay. >> reporter: baltimore's health department set up this call center to check on thousands of the elderly. >> just check to make sure they have air conditioning or fans. adequate water. >> reporter: back at raven wood, the dozens who live here will enjoy their first cool night in days. they're being taken to facilities with working ac. >> reporter: and we understand, they've got to get a permit to get a crane so that they can get some of the new ac equipment on the roof of this building. reporting live in west baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. >>> well, also tonight. two more heat-related deaths to tell you about about bring the totals to 8. one was an adult from anne arundel county, who actually died back in may. but the death was not confirmed as weather-related until now. the second was this week. temperatures over 90 degrees. >>> wjz 13 is always on. for instant updates on the forecast. and locations of all of those cooling cent
. vic? >> that it will, bob. >>> tonight, most of maryland is in the early stages of the drought. first warning weather coverage continues now with mike schuh, and more on how the dry conditions are affecting farmers around the state. >> reporter: farmer the across maryland are concerned that their crops are going to turn as brown as this hillside. they need rain. and they need it now. >> reporter: this is the sound of survival. lucky to have irrigation to tide him through this drought. he's throwing water on his crops to get enough moisture to keep them alive. >> i can't salvage everything. but we'll do what we can. >> reporter: moving all of this water is expensive. by the time he fuels the farm's tank, if the clouds don't drop rain, he'll see them again next week. >> when you start to make your own rain and not what the good lord gives us every day, you see him a lot. >> reporter: the expense bill is worth it, if he doesn't lose the crops on his 700 acres. >> watermelons are called water- melons for a reason. they need a lot of water. i'm nursing what i have. >> reporter: for 500 gal
remains. in fact, even in southern maryland, not much going on now. we've had strong activity going on earlier. but it's pretty much diminished. the only stuff i'm looking at is the stuff outside of washington. may affect you folks. maybe around laplate a. extreme southern portions of p.g. county in the next hour or two. in the baltimore region, it is quieting down as a dryer air mass moves in the region. >>> tim has a look at the outback with a look at rainfall totals we saw this afternoon. >>> as you mentioned, the rain came through. and we're still tallying some of these areas. as you've seen, some areas got hit so hard. others, not so much. but what we've seen so far around the region, one and a third inches of rain in woodlawn. a little less than an inch in tv hill. a little less than half at bwi marshall. columbia, about a half inch. and not as much in frederick. that, incidentally, was the first severe thunderstorm warning that went into effect in the afternoon. but the storms rolled through so quickly. the temperatures got up so nicely. then the rain came in and dropped ever
. ladies and gentlemen, the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland, mary kane. >> reporter: kane is also a montgomery county native, a critical battleground for governor martin o'malley. >> it's always sort of a wash. i think this year will take the governorship. >> i think the pick of mary kane is a good one. it seems like around the country it's the year of women. >> reporter: a first generation american, kane's parents who immigrated from ireland stood by with tears in their eyes. >> my parents came in the 1950s, took a great risk to find new opportunities. i have learned firsthand what is possible in america. [ applause ] >> so, governor, thank you for including me on this journey. >> all right, you guys, let as hear it. >> reporter: tomorrow afternoon ehrlich and kane will formally file their paperwork to run. >> wjz is always on. >>> an appeals court uphold last lower court's decision to toss out bribery charges against a baltimore county city woman. >> lawyers for helen holton argued her -- prosecutors allege that she took bribes from city developer ronald lipscomb. charge
a powerful storm. >>> the powerful storm raced through maryland. hitting some of the washington, d.c. suburbs hardest, places like montgomery county. >> kind of blew in from out of nowhere. then winds were swirling. i didn't see any funnel clouds or anything. but as bad a wind as we can get around here. >> reporter: sky eye chopper 13 over sparks in northern baltimore county. >> it was pretty scary. >> bob watched as trees snapped all around the house. this stock, stone -- strong stone chimney kept a tree from crushing the house. but a tree did crush this minivan, killing one woman. >> and i was told that the tree fell down, as the car was coming through. >> reporter: medics had to rush a second woman inside the minivan to the hospital. many boaters on the chesapeake bay, also caught by surprise. dnr police blame a jet skier. and they took 37 distress calls, dispatching a crew to help stench 77 people out of the water. >> we had very many very stressed out, were very worried about their situation. many people were reporting that they were taking on water. we had persons in the water. >> throu
maryland did report its 8th heat-related death. they're keeping track of the deaths. >> we're using it now to help us monitor around the state. visits to the emergency room that are heat-related. obviously any death associated with the heat is one too many. >> a few more notes on the heat. there are 390 people without power. across the state from bge. cooling centers are open across the region. there are continuing marc delays. but the mta has extended hours for the call center. and buses on standby, in case of extreme delays. and for the last night, tonight, only, the city pools are open extended hours. a good way to cool off. reporting live in northwest baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. >>> remember, wjz is always on. for a full list of those cooling centers, live doppler radar, and instant updates on the forecast, log onto >>> a verdict in the trial of a baltimore county woman, accused in hay gruesome killing -- a gruesome killing. the jury decides mary koontz knew what she was doing when she murdered her estranged husband and tried t
marylanders will travel. we have more along the beltway with jessica. >> reporter: good evening to you out there and if you are planning on heading to the beach or somewhere fun. gas prices are up but more people are expected to hit the road this year than last year. summer is in full swing and highways are packed with travelers. >> and we're expecting 34.4 million people will be traveling over the weekend. >> the holiday comes amid the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> compared to last year the gas prices here are 12 cents higher, that's consistent with the national average. >> the good news is that the prices are not near the mark like they were back in 2008. and in our state 658,000 people are expected to travel. 92% will be driving. law enforcement officials are out in force. and they will ride the routes and state police droppers are targeting reckless and impaired drivers. >> it will affect driver's judgment, their reaction time, motor skills and memory. it is a national issue. >> reporter: the policy director joined maryland law enforcement launching a new campaign raising awaren
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22